Harvest – Where Quality Starts

Different harvesting methods are used on the Finca la Torre, depending on location, cultivation and the ripeness of the fruit.

Regardless of whether harvesting by hand or mechanically using a vibration machine, our main focus is always on the fruit, which we harvest with utmost care in order to prevent damage. After harvesting, we take the fruit to the mill as quiclly as possible in ventilated containers weighing a maximum of 200 kg.


Advanced technology and the highest hygiene standards borne out of our passion and commitment ensure both extraordinary oils and continuing tradition.

With a variable capacity of 3 – 5 tons/hour, we are able to respond with optimum efficiency to the crop yield. Thanks to the central location of the mill building and short routes to the olive groves, the olives are generally ground within two to four hours of harvesting.


Our cellar will have been completely modernized in time for the 2,011 harvest: nine new CrNi tanks a 10,000l increase our storage capacity to about 400 tons.

The tanks are fitted with an automatic N2 inert-gas system. The cellar itself has been termo technically reinsulated and fully air-conditioned, as has the room for filling bottles and tins.